Welcome to CCMS Improv

Improv is a comprehensive study of game-based, short form improvisation directed and taught by award-winning professional improvisers, Jennifer Flack and Eric Price. Students learn, practice, and perform basics and fundamentals of improvisation as well as advanced concepts and skills (scene study, character work, styles,genres, and musical improvisation), culminating in a public performance at the end of each semester.

Most importantly, students develop essential life skills such as acceptance, commitment, flexibility, critical thinking, courage, kindness, and authentic collaboration. No experience necessary — only commitment, adventurous spirit, and positive attitude are required!

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Registration for the 2018-2019 CCMS Improv Program has now closed.

If you’ve registered already, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with details on the next steps. Still have questions about the program? Contact us at ccmsimprov@gmail.com.

For new students, please plan to attend the mandatory Free Trial Class and Parent Meeting on Friday, September 7, as this is necessary for your application to the CCMS Improv Program to be complete.

For returning students,  you must attend the mandatory Returning Student Class on Thursday, September 6, and the Free Trial Class on Friday, September 7, for your application to the CCMS Improv Program to be complete. The Parent Meeting on Friday, September 7, is optional but recommended.

If you have not yet registered your student to the program:
We are no longer accepting registrations, but if you’re interested in the program you may e-mail us at ccmsimprov@gmail.com to join the wait list.

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Need to make a payment or a donation?

If you have already registered for the program but not yet made your participation contribution, click here for our Paypal payment system.

Please note that we are not accepting new registrations at this time. Any payments made that are not designated for a registered student will be considered charitable donations to Panther Partners in support of the Improv program.